Mothers Day – A New Perspective

Mother’s Day. My first with the honor of having the title of “mama” myself. Although we have not shared our “pre-pregnancy” story here, in short, this was not something doctors believed would come easily for me. We were truly shocked and overjoyed when, after less than a year and very little medical intervention, we saw those two pink lines. I’m telling you…complete shock. I actually didn’t allow myself to believe it in my heart…until I saw those two tiny heartbeats for the first time. That is the day that my life was forever changed.

We do not take this pregnancy for granted. We know there are people who try and struggle for years – even decades – to become parents. And we know there are parents out there who have lost their precious babies, either before they even had the chance to meet them or shortly after they were born. And we know, from our own situation, that nothing about bringing life into this world is in our control. We understand the pain of uncertainty. So to those mothers out there, my heart goes out to you. I pray that God gives you healing and hope and faith that His plan is perfect. I know how blessed I am, and I do not take that for granted.

But this Mother’s Day for me is a special one. Although spending it in the hospital is not ideal, I am with my own incredible mother and I have two precious baby girls dancing away in my tummy. For the first time, I am both a daughter and a mother. And that changes everything.

I have always loved my mother with all of my heart. I respect her, adore her and strive to be the kind of woman she is – an incredible mother, devoted wife, successful career woman, true friend and most of all, a faithful Christian. But this year, my appreciation for my mom has grown to a whole new level. Because for the first time…I understand the love of a mother. Even before holding my own daughters, I recognize what having a piece of your heart forever belong to someone else means. I have had my first glimpse at the sacrifice and the responsibility and the honor of bearing the title “mom.”

So to my beautiful mother – thank you. I pray that someday, my daughters view me with the same eyes I view you.

My beautiful mama and daughters. Photo taken by Wrenn Bird Photography.

My beautiful mama and daughters. Photo taken by Wrenn Bird Photography.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there. You are loved and appreciated more than you know! And to those of you still waiting, don’t lose heart. He is not done writing your story.

With Grace,


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