Lexi Rae – Week 2

Little Miss Lexi had another big week this week! Between feeding time and naps, she’s busy making lots of memories and soaking up every second of life.

This week she went on lots of walks with Nana & Mama in her new stroller…

Going on a walk with Nana and Mama!

Did FaceTime with cousins Ella & Avery in Kansas…

FaceTime with cousins Ella and Avery.

Learned how to make funny faces like this…

Lexi's "Oh my goodness!" face!

And this…

And Lexi's "Whaaaat?!" face!

Took naps on Daddy’s chest…

Zonked out on Daddy's chest.

Took Nana to the airport to go back to Kansas…

Dropping Nana off at the airport. We were so sad to see her go!

Brought sister home…

We brought sister home this week. She will stay in the nursery with Lexi and watch over us all.

And celebrated two weeks of life with a photo shoot at Cee Lee Photography…

So much fun at our newborn photo session with Christy Lee. Can't wait to see the "professional" photos!!

Mama is already wanting time to slow down. I would take a lifetime of sleepless nights to keep my sweet girl this little forever.

With Grace,


2 thoughts on “Lexi Rae – Week 2

  1. I love seeing all the pictures and reading about Lexi. I am so glad you are taking her everywhere. Time goes by so quickly. Soon you won’t even remember those sleepless nights. You are doing a good job, Jen. Think of you every day.


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