Letters to Emmy

Tonight, Kade and I wrote our final entries in a journal I started for the girls the day we first saw their heartbeats flickering on the ultrasound monitor. I wrote to them throughout our pregnancy, telling them their story and sharing my hopes and dreams for their lives. The last day I wrote in it was May 20th – the day before they were born. We were celebrating our 36-week milestone.

We backdated tonight’s entires to the day they were born and the few days following. I’ve had this on my “to do” list since we got home from the hospital, but until tonight, I just wasn’t ready. Part of me felt like writing these final entries was like ending Emmy’s story. But I’ve started to realize, we are just continuing it for her.

2015-08-10 21.28.46-1I kept this journal for the girls throughout our pregnancy. I know it is something Kade and I will always cherish, and I hope it is a treasure for Alexis one day as well.

I kept this journal for the girls throughout our pregnancy. I know it is something Kade and I will always cherish, and I hope it is a treasure for Alexis one day as well.

For the past 12 weeks, we’ve also been working diligently on Lexi’s baby book…I think a fairly common accomplishment for first-borns. We have a matching book for Emmy, but for her we only get to fill in the basics – weight, length, birth story. There will be no monthly progress photos, milestone dates, or favorite memories. Still, as her mama, I truly want her to have her own baby book. Emmy’s story is a special one, and I want it to be told. After thinking about how to do this in a meaningful way, we thought we’d turn to all of you.

We’d like to fill Emmy’s baby book with letters. From her family, friends of her family, followers of this blog – anyone who has felt touched by her life in some way.

For obvious reasons, we don’t want to put our address up here. For those of you we know personally, we’d be happy to give you that information as we’d love for your letters to come handwritten. If we don’t know you personally, but you still feel moved to write to our precious girl, please type your letter in the comments below and we will print it for her book.

I think this project will be a blessing. We know our Angel Emmy will feel all the love sent her way. Thank you for helping us continue her story…

With Grace,


2 thoughts on “Letters to Emmy

  1. Hi Jen,
    I am writing my letter to Emmy here because my handwriting is terrible.
    Precious little Angle Emmy, I met you and your sister Lexie on a cold drizzlie day at Uncle James and Auntie Kara’s pig farm…you were so cute tucked away in your Mommy’s tummy. Your Mom looked so cute with you girls in her tummy. We were all cold and wet but your Mom was keeping you girls nice and warm. I was so excited for your Mom and Dad as they were so excited to be starting their family. It was known that their were concerns with the pregnancy but the outcome was a shock… But now Emmy you are now a beautiful little Angle up in heaven watching over all of those who have loved you and your family a for a long time.
    Love Ya,
    Mary Ellen


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