Dear Emmy…

I got your daddy this necklace for his birthday. He lets me wear it (a lot) because there’s just something about having your little footprint close to my heart that brings me peace. Tonight, I was bouncing sister because she was a little fussy (a common evening occurrence). She finally calmed down, and let herself sink into my arms. I looked down, and this made me catch my breath…

My baby girl's sweet little hand by my angel baby's tiny little foot. “Even the smallest of feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints upon this world."

My baby girl’s sweet little hand by my angel baby’s tiny little foot. “Even the smallest of feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints upon this world.”

Seeing her little hand by your tiny foot tugged hard at your mama’s heart. Another reminder of how real your absence  is. It made me think about how much she must miss you…her companion from her very first days of life. I know she realizes a piece of her is missing…you took a piece of all of us with you, sweet girl.

Seeing the two of you so close made me long to watch you playing on the floor together, babbling back and forth as you explored this great big world. This morning, sissy laid in her crib “talking” for almost an hour, sometimes squealing with delight. I’m sure she was talking to you.

With every milestone and each new adventure, we know you are with her. Moments like this remind me that you are always near. No matter what the world sees, we are a family of four, and we have the most beautiful twin daughters. It may not be the story we planned, but it is the story God wrote for us. And I know the story has a happy ending.

Miss you most,


3 thoughts on “Dear Emmy…

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I heard about you through showing pigs and have been following since before your babies were born. We had just went through a miscarriage when I heard your story. With each thing you would share I would think to myself how I could never handle such circumstances. After almost every blog I want to tell you how helpful yet heart breaking it is to read. I am now 8 weeks pregnant, but dealing with a blood clot in my uterus. Moms like you give me inspiration to be strong for my little one and try to let fear subside. You are a very brave mom and I just want you to know how comforting and healing it is for me to read your blog. Thank you and I’ll keep praying for your family.


    • Thanks so much for your sweet words! I am so terribly sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Losing a baby, regardless of what point in pregnancy, is devastating. Although I never wanted to be the mom who lost a baby, I hope that God is using my story to help others…and I hope that it has helped you in some small way. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I will certainly be praying for you and your little one’s health. Stay strong. I always reminded myself that my girls could feel when I was stressed, sad, worried, etc…so if nothing else, I tried to keep a positive attitude for them! Hugs!!


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