Dear Lexi Rae…

Walking with daddy after your first Cubs game.

Walking with daddy after your first Cubs game.

I want to take a minute to talk to you…about your daddy. You’re not old enough yet to recognize what you have in him. And, at some point in your life, you may lose sight of what you have in him. I hope in those times this can be a reminder…

The two of you have something so incredibly special. A rare, intangible bond. I see it in your eyes each time he walks in the room. You adore him. Sometimes I just watch the two of you – whatever you are doing – and if it weren’t for my heart nearly exploding with love, it might be filled with envy. Your relationship is so pure. Your daddy is the light of your life, and I pray in some way he always is.

You’ll learn through the years that your dad isn’t one for grand gestures or elaborate gifts. But he is all the things that matter – loving, selfless, gracious and kind. He will give you everything he has and so much more beyond that. He will provide you will all of the things that money can’t buy.

Those things look different now than they will in 5, 10 and 15 years down the road. So I wanted to take a minute and share with you just a few of the things your daddy does at this stage in your life that are a reflection of his heart for you.

I'm ready for breakfast daddy!

I’m ready for breakfast daddy!

1) He has become an early riser, even though morning really isn’t his thing. Each day, he is the first one out of bed. He fixes your breakfast before waking you up and starting your morning routine – oatmeal w/ bananas and milk, followed by diaper change and play time. He takes half an hour out of his day to connect with you before letting the rest of the world in. Believe me when I say, this. is. huge. 


Reading your very favorite book.

Reading your very favorite book.

2) He reads to you…lots. When we were in the hospital with you and your sister even before you were born, he started reading a book to you each night before bed. And he never stopped. Charlie the Ranch Dog, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Max Explores Chicago…these are a few of your favorites. He’s helping you learn, grow and discover with each picture, each page and each plot.

Go Wildcats!!!

Go Wildcats!!!

3) He carries you on his shoulders, simply because you like the view. Expanding your outlook on the world is one of his greatest goals. It’s a simple thing, but it delights you.

4) He takes you on ranger rides, throws you in the air and races you down the stairs. You have a spirit for adventure. He not only recognizes that in you, but he helps fuel your fire. He lives to adventure with you.

Our adventerous, blue-eyed baby.

Our adventerous, blue-eyed baby.

5) He loves me. You will always hear this is one of the greatest things a father can give his children. You will never lack in this department. This is critical, because it will teach you how one day you should be loved. Don’t settle for anything less.

Sweet girl, these things may not seem like much now. Taken at face value, they may appear insignificant. They are anything but. You daddy is building a solid foundation for an unbreakable bond. I am in awe of his love for you, and I cannot wait to see your love for him continue to deepen and grow as you do.

With love,

Your Mama

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