Family Farmstead Fixer Upper

Although this has been “in the works” for about 5 months now, today it became official…we are the owners of my grandfather’s farmstead. Whoa. What an unforeseen, unbelievable honor.

When we moved to Kansas last November, we didn’t have a place of our own. We searched for several months and even had a couple of prospects…but nothing ever really felt “right”. In this area, small farms are not only hard to come by, they also come at a price – so we didn’t want to rush our decision.

Then, in the middle of it all, my grandfather unexpectedly passed away. It was sudden and left huge hole in our new lives here. But sometimes God is moving in bigger ways than we can comprehend. Looking back, I can see His mighty hand at work.

In the weeks following my Papa’s passing, the idea started to surface that maybe his farm would be an option for us. Even before it was a sure thing, my heart was set. I wanted our family to continue the legacy he had started.

Our first photo as the owners of my Papa's farmstead!!

Our first photo as the owners of my Papa’s farmstead!!

With a lot of love and a little luck, we have been able to make that unexpected dream a reality. The process has required patience by all involved. And really, it has only begun, as we embark on a total renovation of the home he built over 35 years ago.

Celebrating this day is bitter-sweet. If given the choice, I would choose having him here with us 1000x over. But I cannot imagine any greater honor than living in the place where his blood, sweat and tears provided for his family.

Papa Pat, I hope you’re kicking back in your recliner up there with a big ole’ smile on your face. I’m sure if I could ask, you’d tell me you were stackin’ BBs. Give that pretty little girl of mine a big hug for me. Love you both.  ~ Jen

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