Dear Emmy…

Today, for the first time in a long time, I decided to wear your footprint necklace. You know, this one:

Emmy's Footprint

There was no particular reason. I just saw it laying there with the rest of my necklaces, and without thinking twice, I slipped it around my neck before I walked out the door.

A little later in the day, I got this text from your daddy:

I Miss Emmy so much. I don’t know why today is so hard, but it is… It hurts today. I just needed to tell someone. 

Then again tonight, there you were when I was talking to your Auntie Kristen. The conversation naturally turned to you.

Today, you were everywhere. Which, when I think about it, is not overly extraordinary. And by that I mean – your presence in our lives is natural. Your light is as steady as the sun; even on the cloudiest of days (and maybe even more so) we know you’re always there. Your love is engrained on our hearts; your story etched into our souls. We are not incomplete without you…we are complete because of you. 

But still. Still, sweet girl, some days you are a little more “here” than others. You make yourself known in the most subtle ways. Some may argue these signs are small. Happenstance, even. But not to me. To me, these moments with you are everything. In a world that seems to keep moving on, even without you in it – you find ways to remind me that I am never without you. Not truly.

Thank you for that.

Miss you most baby girl,

Your Mama

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