You Are More

Yesterday was a hard day. Hard because – you were more than just a nanny.

So. Much. More.

You walked into our home just over a year ago, by most definitions a total stranger. Yesterday, I wrapped my arms around you – likely for the last time – and my my heart ached. Because you are more.

You are the mommy of my daughter’s best friend. Together, we’ve watched them grow from chubby faced babes to exuberant, independent (and sometimes exhausted) toddlers.

More than once, I looked at our little red haired, blue eyed girls loving on each other and my heart ached because I saw what it would have looked like for Lexi to have her sister. Then, my heart swelled because I knew in many ways, that’s exactly what Cece had become.

You are the woman who selflessly cared for my daughter through long weeks and even longer days. You taught her, played with her and loved her like she was your own. The peace of mind that gave me was a priceless gift.

You are the kind, creative soul who gave us countless mementos of life’s sweetest moments. You went above and beyond every. single. day. And…you never forgot that we have two babies.

You are the wife I saw struggle through and SURVIVE her husband’s first deployment. Your grit, perseverance and strength are unequaled. I am so, so proud of you.

You are the friend I grew to love with each text, each chat, and each shared moment of motherhood. Even though our lives look very different, our mutual title of “mama” bonded us in the sweetest ways. I’m not sure how I’ll survive the terrible twos without you.

So….yesterday was hard, sweet friend. Because you are so, so much more than a nanny to me. To my family. For the past 14 months, you gave us YOU. Thank you will never be enough.

Wishing you the best with all of life’s adventures. We love you!

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