FFFU Day 2 – The 3 for 1 Deal

So it’s day two of FFFU Week and you’re getting a 3-for-1 deal. This is for sure the most dramatic reveal, and if I knew anything about anything I would save it for last. But, the dominant left side of my brain tells me this is the logical place to start, so…come take a peek inside our front door!

(Sorry in advance for the picture overload…this space is just so worth sharing!)

What I’m showing you today is the family room / dining room / kitchen combo. There is just no possible way to show any one of these rooms without the others. This space was previously divided by a wall running right down the center between the kitchen and living space. When we did our initial walk through, we knew that was the first things that had to go. Now we have a big, open living area which is where we spend 99% of our “home time” if we’re not outside, in the pig barn or sleeping 🙂

So, before when you walked through the front door this was the view:

Looking from the front door into the dining room.

A slight turn to the left from the front door puts you in the family room area.

Helllooo giant wall. Straight ahead in the first photo you can see the dining room. If you turned at little to the left (second photo), you would be standing in the family room.  You can see a glimpse of the stone wall in that second picture, but here it is in all of it’s glory:

This photo shows both the rock accent wall as well as the wall dividing the kitchen from the main living area. These were two major non-negotialbes when it came to the changes we wanted to make to this house.

(The white line running through the middle of this picture was the wall dividing the family room from the kitchen.)

Really cool for the fact that my grandparents actually gathered all of those stones and my grandma laid them out for the builder how she wanted them placed on the wall. However, not logical to keep in the long run because of allll the limiting factors (primarily the non-functioning fireplace). It just tied our hands in too many other design decisions. Side note: We did salvage as much of the stone as we could for other projects!

And just for reference, here’s the family room looking back toward the front door:

This view is standing near the dining room looking back toward the front door.

Now from the dining room (you know you want that light fixture), a turn to the left puts you in the kitchen. Again, for us, one of the first things that had to go was that wall. Yes, we lost a TON of storage. But it had. to. go.

That light fixture would have been over the dining room table, then directly adjacent to the dining area is the kitchen.

Here is a full view of the kitchen. You can see the dividing wall on the left edge of this picture.

This is standing in the kitchen actually looking at the wall we tore down. It had the cabinetry / office area as well as the pantry, which we moved to the mudroom area.

Ok, now for the fun part. If you were to drive to Kansas and knock on our front door, this is what you’d see (behind my smiling face) when it opened…

Our front door looking in, y’all.

I honestly don’t even know where to start, so I’m just going to try to follow the same flow through the house as above. Turn to the left, and where there was super-70s orange-flecked carpet and a big rock wall with built-ins and a brass fireplace is this:

Where the rock wall was we now have our TV and some built-in bookcases. Having some place we could burn wood was really important to us, and after considering cost, location and design we settled on the wood-burning stove in the corner. It’s one of our favorite features!

Here’s a different look at the family room area.

And from the other side of the room looking back toward the front door:

This is standing in the doorway opening from the kitchen to the mudroom looking back toward the front door. So it gives you and idea of where I was standing taking the first “after” photo.

FYI, this space also serves as Lexi’s play room. That has come with its own set of challenges, but we have worked hard to find a balance between fashion and function not just for her – but for our whole family.

Lexi’s sweet little kitchen. Just too cute not so share.

So, walking straight forward through the front door lands you in our dining room:

I love our dining room space. We honestly don’t actually eat at the table very often (like, only when we have company), but I think it will become a hub as our family continues to grow and our kids get out of the high-chair stage. Right now it’s just easier to pull a barstool up to the counter!

Which sits adjacent to our kitchen:

Pretty much everything stayed in the same location, including that sliding door. Eventually, that will lead to the covered back patio area I mentioned in yesterday’s post of the exterior.

Truly love, love, love our kitchen. That island is huuuuge. We originally wanted concrete countertops, but after running into several dead-ends (no one in our area really did them) we went with a while quartz and we LOVE it.

Open shelving and a farmhouse sink were two “must haves” on my kitchen wish list. And I use that term in quotations because, really, “must” is a strong word. And that light above the sink… We pulled that from one of my Papa’s barns. It’s one of my favorite details of this space, for sure.

So truly, it’s the exactly same “layout” as before…just a little more opened up and updated 🙂

Here’s a flashback to BEFORE (sorry, I should have taken a before pano!)

Hey there, 1979.

And now, standing in the exact same location, AFTER:

And just for good measure, I have a little video tour for you as well. Enjoy, and hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow!




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