FFFU Day 3 – Little Lexi Rae’s Room

Today’s “reveal” is pretty short and definitely sweet. I honestly consider this to be Lexi’s first room that is truly just hers. In my mind (and I’m the mama, here) the room she had in our Illinois farmhouse was always one she shared with Emmy. It was designed and decorated as a labor of love for two baby girls. When we came home from the hospital without Emmy, that room became a very hard place for my heart to be. It was a daily reminder of of what we’d lost, and it was honestly a place I went to grieve my baby. In the 6 months between when the girls were born and we moved to Kansas, Lexi hardly slept there at all. It was a space that never really got to be “hers”.

While Emmy is still very much a part of this home, in my heart this bedroom can belong to just Lexi. There is a level of separation between what is and what was.

This end of the house kept the same general footprint with two bedrooms and a bathroom in between them. We did resize the bedrooms to be more equal, because one was quite large (originally the master) and the other was pretty darn small. Right now, one room is Lexi’s and the other is a guest room.

Here’s a look at the whole bedroom/bathroom area before and after:

Doors on doors on doors.

I closed the bathroom door so you couldn’t peek at that early, but you can see what a huge difference there is between the before and after!

As you can see, there were LOTS of doors in the “before” (five if you’re counting). There was a door to each bedroom, a door to the bathroom, a linen closet door and a door that lead to the basement. Yikes. We removed two of those doors by moving the linen closet into the bathroom and taking out the door to the basement by making the front side a half wall.

So. Much. Better.

These before pictures are average at best, so bear with me (and read the photo captions for more details). 

This is looking into the bedroom from the hallway. You can see the edge of the old linen closet there to the right. That was removed and incorporated into the bathroom.

To put yourself in this picture, imagine you walked just inside the bedroom door and made a quarter turn to the right. That door on the opposite side of the room lead to the closet, which was removed and you’ll see in the after photos we added a window on that exterior wall.

So from the last picture facing the closet, if you did another quarter turn to the right you would be facing back OUT of the bedroom door toward the hallway. So…in this photo you are looking out of the bedroom and that door beyond was to the stairway (that is no longer there). With the resized rooms, the bedroom doors are now directly across from one another.

And here is Lexi’s bedroom now:

This is looking in through the bedroom door from the hallway (same perspective as the before picture above).

This is looking back toward the North wall where the closet door originally was. We moved the closet and added an exterior window to mirror the other bedroom.

Here you can get a feel for the whole room with the exception of the closet, which is to the left of that dresser in the right-hand corner of the photo.

Lexi’s room has so many sweet little details woven into it. That wooden rocking horse was her very first Christmas present from her Nana & Papa, the Teepee was custom built by Katie of E&E Teepees for her 1st birthday, the little bookshelf below the window was my mom’s growing up, and the tall chest of drawers was my dad’s. We love filling our home with things that aren’t just “things” and this room is proof of how special that is.

I am going to enjoy these years where I get to take the lead on the design and decor of my daughters room, because I know a day will come where she will not want my opinion. I do try my best to make it her and not me, but, inevitable there is a touch of me in it.

Here’s the video of this space to give you a little better feel…

Meet me here tomorrow to check out our guest room! Trust me, after seeing it you will want to come for a sleepover 🙂





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