FFFU Day 4 – Be Our Guest

Ironically, this room is probably one of my favorite spaces in the house. A little odd because it’s really not a room I spend much time in. Not that I couldn’t…I just don’t have much of a reason to.

Originally the master bedroom, this space got a major overhaul. I only have a couple of “before” shots, but they are more than enough to get the point across.

This is looking through the doorway into the bedroom from the hall.

Here you can see the very edge of the door into the room where we were standing in the first picture (far left edge of the frame) as well as a door to the bathroom and a door to the closet. Looking back through these “before” photos, I think if I was Chipper Gaines I would call this place “The house of doors!”

Again with the orange-flecked carpet, red curtains and brass fixtures. 1979 certainly had some interesting design character, but hey, no judgement here! (Although brass is coming back in and I am not totally mad about it.)

In the second picture, you can see two doors on the sidewall and there’s one more just outside the frame of the photo. The far left door (not in the picture) went to the hallway, the middle door went to the bathroom and the door on the right lead to a reaaaaly deep, narrow closet. As with the other bedroom, we moved the closet and closed up two of those doors to open up the wall space. The original master closet actually became part of the bathroom to make it a little bigger.

Now if you came to visit and I took you to the guest quarters you would walk through the door and see this:

Grab a seat and a good book. Take a sun-basked, mid-day snooze. The possibilities here are endless!

Instead of doors on doors on doors we now have plants on plants on plants. The air quality in this room is legit!

For reference, the wall that the bed is now on was the wall that had all of the doors:

So much open wall space with all of the doors gone!

And here’s a pano shot that let’s you see the room as a whole:

Such a fun space! And can we talk about those wall planters in the back corner for a second?! L-O-V-E.

This has been such a fun space to put together and I love having a place for our out-of-town friends to say when they visit. (Hint, hint to all of our friends who haven’t make the trip yet!)

And again, here’s a little video and commentary for your viewing pleasure!


We are now accepting bookings for fall 2017, so give us a call!! 🙂

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