FFFU Day 5 – The Pretty Privy

Just because it’s one of the more utilitarian rooms in the house doesn’t mean it has to lack style – and this space certainly doesn’t. I really wanted to do something bold in this bathroom, because I feel like you can play with design a little more in a stand-alone space. I truly love the way it turned out.

Here’s a look at the BEFORE:

Just a plain-jane, late-70s model bathroom. And honestly, not sure how long the space had gone without a mirror…but it definitely wasn’t there when we started demo.

This bathroom originally had a stand-up shower which we swapped out for a tub shower because babies.

And here’s another shot from the living/dining room area where you can clearly see that no room was spared from the orange carpet…not even the bathroom. 

We’ve seen all of these doors before, but just for a refresher starting at the left we have the bathroom, the old master bedroom and the door that lead to the basement stairwell.

Along with a major cosmetic overhaul, we did do a little adjusting to the footprint making it a little narrower to add space to the bedrooms, but a little deeper by extending it back through what was originally the master closet. Probably a wash on overall square footage.

I studied bathroom layouts probably more than any other area of the house, because I feel like you have to get the most bang for your buck when you’re working with smaller spaces. After many, many sketch variations on where to put what, we ended up placing the shower in the back with the vanity and toilet on the side. I am really happy with the set-up and functionality of the space.

We decided to use the same cabinet color, style and countertop as the kitchen. It provides some continuity from room to room, and the all-white kept things clean to ensure that the statement piece of this room really stood out — the brick flooring. I love, love, love these floors. They are a reclaimed brick we bought from a Chicago-based company. It took lots of searching and saying “no” to flooring options that just weren’t right, but our persistence and vision paid off.

Here is the AFTER:

We tried to keep the design here pretty clean to let the floors make a statement. The brick was somewhat difficult to find, and definitly our most expensive flooring choice. But in such a small space, you can splurge a little more than in larger rooms and not break the budget.

It really did turn out beautiful, and is just the right size for kids and guests. We almost went with the same tile that you will see in the mater bath, but I’m so glad we did something different to make this space it’s own.

Thanks again for joining me each day for these reveals! It’s so much fun for me to look back and realize how far we’ve come since this time last year.



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