FFFU Day 6 – Office / Mudroom

Today’s transformation is of the back entryway / mudroom and office area. We again maintained most of the original footprint of the house with just a few modifications.

This space is a little harder to show a wall-for-wall transformation mostly because of the layout. So you’ll have to use your imagination a bit 🙂

Here’s a before looking from the far south end of the house (the laundry room is to the left) toward the north end (the kitchen would be through that farthest opening):

This was taken standing on the farthest wall south looking through the hallway to where my Papa had his office. The door with the trash bag hanging on it was (and still is) the door to the garage. The first door on the left going down the hallway is the bathroom we took out to gain some space in the back entry.

And here’s an after shot looking from the opposite direction (north to the south) standing in the opening from the kitchen to the mudroom / office area (from this direction, the laundry room is through that next opening):

This photo is looking in the opposite direction of the photo above. Stepping through that opening, what we call my office area is to the right. Just beyond those old wooden crates is a church pew that is our family “landing area” for the back entry from the garage – think shoes, coats, bags, etc.

So the laundry room remained on the far south end of the house, which we’ll take a look at tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of the office area BEFORE:

This was an extra closet my Papa had in his office for work coats, boots, etc. He also had some built-in shelving, then his desk sat on that back wall (see next photo).

Here you can again see the shelves from the previous photo and where the desk would have sat under the window. That exterior window is now gone due to the master suite addition.

This shot was taken standing in the exact same place as the picture above, just turned around to the opposite wall. So my Papa actually used both of those closets as pantries. We took out the one on the left with the removal of the wall dividing the kitchen from the living area. We then widened the door on the closet to the right and that is now our pantry.

When you opened the door into the house from the garage, this bathroom was right inside. We removed it to make the mudroom and office area larger. Now when you come in the door from the garage, it opens up into the back entry area with access to the laundry room and master suite.

Again, it’s a little harder to get a grasp on these areas partly because of the layout, but also because of the perspectives from which we took the before and after pictures.

The one major change we made was eliminating a bathroom that was right inside the door from the garage to the house. We needed the space, and since we added a bathroom with the master suite addition we decided we’d be ok taking this one out.

Here is how the space looks now:

The door to the right of the church pew is the door to the garage. The pantry door lies just to the left of the old wooden crates (see the very first “after” photo above for another perspective).

This is a a close-up shot of my desk that sits in a little office “nook” in the mudroom. There are some ugly old filing cabinets to the left, but I left them out of the picture. You can see them in the video below to get a better feel for the office space.

I know this doesn’t show you much, but the video will give you a little better perspective of the space as a whole. As you’ll also see, this is the area that still needs the most love as far as decor goes. One thing at a time 🙂


Same time, same place tomorrow for the laundry room reveal!



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