FFFU Day 7 – Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat

We’re going back to the brick! And this time it’s in a stunning herringbone pattern (insert heart eyes). Here’s a sneak-peek I shared on IG last November when the laundry room floors were being installed…

I gave this sneak-peak of the floors on IG last November when they were being installed. As you can see, the trim wasn’t even done yet! This is one of those features that makes my design-loving heart go pitter-patter!!

While this space was designed to be beautiful, it had to be functional as well. This is the “buffer” room between the back entry and our master bathroom. It’s where dirty clothes get dumped and grubby hands get scrubbed after a long day working in the barn (or garden or just the farm in general). It is the ultimate blend of fashion and function.

Here’s a peak at the laundry room BEFORE:

The original laundry room had a West-facing window, but because of the master suite addition it had to be removed. Were the window was there is now a doorway into our master bathroom.

There was no lack of storage or function in the original laundry room, it just needed a little love!!

And here’s the AFTER:

This is standing right inside the door into the house from the garage. When you step inside and turn to the left, you are at the laundry room entrance.

Because we eliminated the West window, we made a last-minute decision to add a window on the Southern exterior wall. I am SO GLAD we did because that natural light makes all the difference in the world!! Also, putting a utility sink in a farmhouse laundry room is a must, must, must!!

This is looking into the laundry room from our master bathroom. So the main entry from the mudroom area would be to the left. That door to the right is an extra closet for brooms, cleaning supplies, a vacuum, etc.

And here’s another look at the gorgeous brick flooring. The guy who did our tile work said he had never laid anything like this. It was a challenge, but totally worth the end result!

Although you don’t have to have a pretty space to do laundry — it sure doesn’t hurt!! Especially when you live on a farm and laundry is a part of the daily grind.

Per the FFFU tradition, here’s a quick video of the laundry room space. Tomorrow will be the final reveal featuring the the master suite addition. So excited to show you that space!

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