FFFU Day 8 – The Sweet Suite

A week ago today, I shared this picture of our contractor’s first day at the FFFU.

Breaking ground!! After months and months of demolition, this was a very happy day at the FFFU!

Their first project was digging a crawl space and pouring the foundation for what would become our master suite. Since there’s not really a “before” space to share, I will take you through the progression from digging a giant hole in the ground to the finishing touches on this special space in our home.

There are tons of photos for this one, so I’m going to let them do most of the talking (see details for each one in the captions).

Starting with the FOUDATION…

This is standing at the Southwest corner of the house, where the addition was built.

Another view of the addition. That small window on the original part of the house is above the kitchen sink.

This is standing near the Northwest corner of the house looking South. So just about in the middle of the photo, you can see the steps and the opening where the sliding door is that goes into the kitchen / dining room.

On to the FRAMING…

This is standing just inside the door from the garage into the back entry. Straight ahead is the door to the master suite. Just to the right of that you can see the closet that is in the office space. 

This is standing in the master bedroom looking into the master bathroom. (That window though…)

This is just a wider view from the same spot as the photo above. So the opening in front of the big window goes into the bathroom, and the door to the right that sits on an angle goes into the master closet.

From this photo, the master bathroom and closet are to the left. Those two windows frame the bed, and the door leads to the back where we will **someday** have a patio.

And finally, the FINISHED PRODUCT…

This is looking into the master bedroom from the back entry area.

Talk about a dreamy place to catch some zzzz’s!

Just showing off this feature wall. That tin and the barn wood that frames it all came from my Papa’s barns. I am so grateful that Kade obliged when I asked him to pull some of it down, and that our contractor happily helped me execute this idea.

As you walk into the room and turn to the right, we have our “false” French doors (only one is a working door) and sitting area (where I write my blog posts).

Here’s a better look at the sitting area side of the room.

Opposite of the wall with the French doors is the door to the closet and the entry into the master bathroom. Fun fact, that antique door on our closet came from Jordy Nelson’s in-laws. It was taken out of the old rock home his MIL grew up in!

This is (maybe obviously) standing right in front of the opening from the master bedroom to the master bathroom. I have big dreams for antique French sliding doors to separate these two spaces. (Coming soon…)

This tub. This view. It’s what a mommy’s alone-time dreams are made of.

Loooove our oversized glass shower. It keeps the space opened up and shows off the beautiful tile work!

This is now looking into the mater bathroom from the laundry room.

Another view of the tub and shower (and the commode right there to the left, ha!)

We mimicked the two-tone look of the kitchen cabinets and island with the rustic alder vanities flanked by the white shaker style cabinets. I love how it blends a clean, more modern look with an older country style. Countertops are the same quarts used in the kitchen and guest bathroom. I fell in love with it and used it eveeeryywhere!

And coming full circle, this is looking back into the master bedroom from the master bath. I love the split-side vanities, and I am convinced that separate bathroom spaces is the secret to a happy marriage!

So there you have it — the mater suite. Kade and I love this area of our home, and loved making it our own with some sweet little details.

Since it’s technically two spaces, I do have two videos to share.


I will be back tomorrow with some detail shots I took throughout the house. I truly believe it’s the little elements and personal style that make a house a home, and those are some of the things I want to share as we wrap up our tour of the FFFU.

2 thoughts on “FFFU Day 8 – The Sweet Suite

  1. Hi, Jen! I hope all is well. As with all these posts of your home and the glimpses I’ve had in pictures here and there over the last year or so–just wow! You have such beautiful taste and a great eye for making all of this come together! I’m very jealous. I’m looking for a similar look to your bathroom here in our home. We have similar colors and features throughout. I’m wondering about your tile though. Could you tell me more about it? I’m having trouble putting that “look” into words to find what I’m looking for. If it turns out half as beautiful as yours, we will be happy. 🙂


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