Tonight I laid you down to sleep like so many nights before;

But it felt a little different…because tomorrow you’ll be 4.


The days are long, just they said, but the years leave me wanting more;

Every day you’re changing, and it rocks me to my core.


You love to dance you love to read and you’re always up to explore;

Your smile, your laugh, your spirit – are just a few things I adore.


I’ll blink my eyes and your bags will be packed sitting by the door;

I know I’ll stand in disbelief thinking, wasn’t she just 4?


I don’t know what lies ahead for you or what God has in store;

But whatever it is, I’ll be right here like all the years before.


So rest your head and close your eyes and let those big dreams soar;

This year will be so magical – baby girl, you’re turning 4!

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